Mislan, K. A. S., J. P. Dunne, and J. L. Sarmiento. (in press). The fundamental niche of blood-oxygen binding in the pelagic ocean. Oikos.

Figure 1: There is a range in oxygen affinity (P50) and heat of oxygenation (ΔH) traits among marine species. Each point on the plot represents a different species. Place the cursor on a point to see the species name, common name, and reference. Click on the buttons in the top right corner to select the legend. A, B, and C represent physiological types that will be explored in more detail and correspond to the following characteristics, A = low P50 with negative ΔH, B = low P50 with positive ΔH, and C = high P50 with negative ΔH. Low P50 means high oxygen affinity and more hypoxia tolerant. Blood-oxygen binding of species with ΔH=0 is independent of temperature. There are no species with traits that correspond with a positive ΔH and a high P50. This interactive graph consolidates information from Figure 1, and Tables 1, 2, and 3 in the print version of the paper.